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The book can be ordered through your local bookseller if he did not light. Operate as shops nearby .. It is also distributed on, Amazon, etc ... However Amazon does not assume its role and sometimes appears, because of its mismanagement: - Usually ships in 1 to 2 months "Usually Not at all..? corrects Amazon makes its software problems 48h later But why give them a margin that represents more than 50% of the price of the book.?

D es numbered copies can be ordered directly from the author by using the Paypal button below cons for 14 Euros, including postage for Europe, 18 Euros for other countries. The dispatch is within 24 hours.

Y ou can also order by mail (check payable to Didier Plaige - 8 rue Violet - 75015 Paris).

The author of this book fees will be paid in priority to the transaction Radio Shipibo .
It is to mount a radio network for AM-Conibo Shipibo communities along the Ucayali River and its tributaries in Peru.

The goal is to connect one hundred remote villages, to strengthen their ties, enabling them to cope with emergencies, and to fight against expropriation face to oil and logging companies. The operation started in November 2010, was awarded the sponsorship Kounen who devoted all his copyright of his "Carnets de Voyage intérieur" ( Mama Editions ).

22 AM transmitters are already in place. Your contributions are also welcome.

The Oracle Protocol 41 euros on the Internet?

Preface Tom Verdier

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P-there was still a fear in those gone too tidy? Power may still tremble when he has perfectly reliable glimpses of the future?

A company that hierarchical and locked point to say without any dynastic brag, she presents another risk of losing his place?

Oracles are a fact, a secret service power technology, which could even come a disaster? And why not present and human ambition?

Money and finance want their share of prophecies, power believes it is possible to assign them without losing the interests diverge from the outset and the certainty of the future is no longer amplify the disorder at present, because the future is inevitable but everyone tries to change it, and in their own way.

Tom Verdier

Chaos sleeps under the apparent order, and we organize the world, the more we approach the next fault, more violent will be the new earthquake and it will destroy all that man has built.

Dikes when they yield are larger floods, fellowship always crack more violently as the mathematics stabilize: it is only trifles when one considers the disaster déverseraient yielding dams that have erected against the future.

The Oracle Protocol is metaphysical.
While tycoons want to believe the world they decide by looking at the future through the peephole of their petty concerns, free press, this humanist hydra is only concerned with the present, has not stopped the current situation, whatever it is, can be known to all. His view is simple: man always decides fine, just as he knew, ie that everyone knows. But it is a dangerous exercise to snatch the truth this fake reality in real time, even more dangerous is the say. The acceptance borders on genius. The real heroes of this story can not be journalists.

Oracle protocol cyberpunk.
Very soon these issues are raised, and from that moment, we are no longer sure of anything. Who really decides? Manipulating whom? The President of the Federation, which has the power to make and enforce all decisions? Is this not the most frightened? Or analysts, the necessary communication between the turbulent visions of Pythias under DMT and rational understanding of policy makers who question trembling links? Oracles or themselves? Why do they deprive tell that sings them?

Finally there are those interludes, cartoony at first sight, and I expect a lot if this scenario becomes the film it deserves. These visions that punctuate the story without meddle not, are they not the bottom? Finally show the gross and without interpretation of a timeless nature, reflecting the cosmic order into his nonsense, wise at all times conscious, who knows how to demonstrate a sacrifice without shedding a tear?

All these questions remain unanswered fortunately almost all the characters have de facto power as a word, the slightest gesture everyone gets underway fate in unprecedented proportions.

But evil that will decide which were consciously exercising their power in this game or everyone will have to sacrifice at least one piece. You can read this book three times, ten times, and decide each time a different character manipulates all others: the story will be different every time you play with no version is more true than another.

Flows intersect, looking to hit but invariably ricochet; information, propaganda, money and official power forward their parts more quickly, play against each other but participate in the same game because in the background there is a line demarcation silent or say all or part of what we know.

Then everyone chooses his side but the border is recognized by all the players and of course it is only in this consensus is at stake: whether to lie to people to keep it under control, it is preserved only as it is his illusion of personal power, no dictator, no tycoon, no doubt will be finally deep within himself that his power hangs by a thread, this thread is a fabric lies and nothing is more fragile: just one truth for all decide. The Oracle Protocol is hopeful. And cyberpunk, definitely.

The bottom of the 50s, the early hours of the science fiction future willingly ranged round about 2010. Protocol Oracle does not need such procrastination. Science fiction is our reality and no doubt more. There are more future and need more Oracle. There never was but otherwise humanity finally realizes: there is here and now!

Tom Verdier

A session with Oracle

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L is a practice as it used to practice divination of animal viscera in vapor bay ... The Oracles sessions follow a strict protocol and last fifteen minutes.

Our modern Pythia are not exposed as their ancestors before a large audience: Oracles not utter "cries, screams," and "seemed to be possessed as a god." The oracle pronounced, they do not fall "into a kind of frustration that sometimes lasted several days." (See Related History I and II).

Their "recollection" prior ceremonies is fully described here as a permanent asceticism and strict enough in their highly secure Villa at the lake.

It rather refers to here more often peaceful experiences of 400 sessions with 60 volunteers Dr. Rick Strassman with injections of DMT ("The Spirit Molecule" - Trédaniel).

U not meeting standard with Oracles shows that not everything is predictable. Sponsor: The political power. Topics: Samuel, Cybelle, and Cyril.

Question: "The eventual division of Belgium into two communities?"
The question has been reformatted by analysts: "The future of Belgium?" ...

Samuel: "I just returned from a long attempt to reconcile two sisters who were upset since birth I witnessed scenes explanations that seemed interminable They made ​​all kinds of faces according to their feelings They... cordially hated, so to speak. exhausted I go out, but at the end of the corner of my eye, I think I've still seen kissing. "

Cybelle: "I experienced the growth of a two-headed seed, almond double it seemed too late to try to bring together in a single item all kinds of energy trying to bring in the binding times, but the same. forces continued to divide. too many grudges. It does not seem to work over time. "

Cyril: "I was in a family torn apart, which seemed prone to all kinds of tightness and temptations of supremacy, but more often separating the meeting seemed quite short, and I did not. managed to collect a calming solution. "

Analysts remain puzzled, and relate to the Sponsors that the situation remained undecidable. Without doubt, in their chosen words: "because of possible future still had a large temporality to practice."

The situation in Belgium may change rapidly, this example is illustrative only of the received image sitting in the symbolic world .. and limitations of forecasting possibilities, because "the time course can sometimes borrow from other branches. "